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The IKONICS Scholarship was established by the IKONICS Corporation to recognize the achievements and invest in the success of Denfeld High School graduates. IKONICS began as a small screen-printing business in West Duluth in the 1960s; since then, the company has translated its expertise in imaging technology into the manufacture of products that serve the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries, as well as more traditional imaging industries, like screen printing and decorative glass etching. Proudly headquartered in Duluth for more than 50 years, IKONICS has become an international leader in the development of imaging technologies by investing in ongoing research to support future development. The IKONICS Scholarship also represents an important investment – one that will help support the future development of Denfeld High School students.


Application Date: Applications must be received by January 15th.

Who May Apply: Graduating seniors from Denfeld High School.

Where can be used: Any accredited college or university, vocational college or community college.

Financial Need: Financial need is a major consideration.

Academic Criteria: Applicants must have achieved a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA in high school.

Number and Duration: One award of $2500 for up to four years will be granted.

Payment: The award is co-payable to the institution and the recipient and will be issued in a payment of $1250 prior to start of each semester.

ACT Test: Taking the ACT test is recommended but not required.

Other awards: Other awards may be accepted provided that the combined amount does not exceed the full amount of tuition, books, fees, and room and board charges.


Application Forms are available on this web site. A completed application is due to by 11:59 P.M. on January 15. Late applications will not be considered.

Online Application

In addition to the completed application, “Statement of Need” form, two recommendations (from a teacher, advisor, counselor or administrator) and a transcript of high school credits are required.

Determination of Awards: Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need as determined through a completed “Statement of Need” form (available through Guidance Office). The student’s academic record, standardized test scores, participation in extra curricular activities, community service, and/or employment, recommendations, and seriousness of purpose will also be considered. The Greater Denfeld Scholarship Selection Committee will select the scholarship recipient.

Recipient responsibilities: A recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student through each term. Full-time summer school attendance may be counted as one of the terms. It will be the responsibility of the student to obtain a copy of the grade report at the end of each academic year and mail it to the scholarship office. A grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained. If the student receives a refund from the college due to non-completion of a term or not attending full time, these funds are to be returned to the Scholarship Committee. If the college requirements are not met, but there is no refund, the scholarship grant shall be forfeited for the next term.

Renewal: The Scholarship is renewable for three additional years. Students who receive a two-year degree may continue to receive an additional two years of scholarship award if they transfer to a four-year institution. Each recipient will receive a renewal application which must be completed and returned to the Scholarship Committee with a certified copy of the transcript of the just-completed year. Renewals will not be considered until both documents are received.

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