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The Greater Denfeld Scholarships have been established by generous Denfeld High School Alumni who wished to honor individuals who have contributed to the life of Denfeld High School. The Greater Denfeld Scholarships are comprised of the following: Lucy Scholarship sponsored by the Lucy Family; Joseph P. Bennett Scholarship; Linda Soderstrom Scholarship in memory of Linda Soderstrom a former Home Economics teacher; Morgan Park Memorial Scholarship; Kreager/Ackerman Scholarship in memory of Kellie Kreager-Ackerman, a ’94 Denfeld graduate; Darin Cannon Scholarship in memory of Darin Cannon; Gustafson Scholarship; and the Greater Denfeld Scholarship. Additionally funds are provided by private parties to fund the Tessier/Waltman Scholarship, and the Gernander Scholarship.


Application Date: Applications must be received by January 15th.

Who May Apply: Graduating seniors from Denfeld High School.

Where can be used: Any accredited college or university, vocational college or community college.

Academic Criteria: Applicants must have demonstrated seriousness of academic purpose.

Selection Criteria:

Greater Denfeld Scholarship: Students who have exemplified the “spirit of a Denfeld Hunter” with a combination of good academics, contributions to school, and respect of the student body and the faculty.

Del Daedo: Students who have exemplified the “spirit of a Denfeld Hunter” with a combination of good academics, contributions to school, and respect of the student body and the faculty.

Lucy Scholarship: Same selection criteria as the Greater Denfeld Scholarship.

Bennett: Preference given to students majoring in engineering or business.

Soderstrom: Preference is given to students who have contributed by helping peers through emotional and academic difficulties.

Morgan Park: Is awarded to one boy and one girl who live in the old Morgan Park Senior High School attendance area; no further east than 74th Ave. West.

Kreager/Ackerman: Is awarded to a girl who is planning to attend St. Thomas or the University of Minnesota and is in the top 10% of her class, demonstrates strong leadership and is involved in vocal music, student government, and sports.

Cannon: Preference will be given to students who are involved in athletics, and who work hard in school and in all other aspects of life.

Gustafson: Is awarded on alternate years to a student from the Marshall School or Duluth Denfeld High School with a 3.4 GPA who is planning to attend UMD, CSS or LSC.

Tessier/Waltman: Awarded to female students who have lettered in two varsity sports; preference is given to softball players.

Gernander: One male and one female student who demonstrate good character and who are deserving of recognition for combined athletic and academic accomplishments.

Matt Kero: Awarded to a student athlete who has balanced athletics, academics, leadership and citizenship through their high school career. Coaches nominate candidates.

Richard Jukich Scholarship: Student who exemplifies the Denfeld spirit, with a combination of good academics, contributions to the school and respect of staff and the student body.

Number and Duration:

Greater Denfeld Scholarship: four scholarships of approximately $1200.
Del Daedo: two scholarships of $1000
Lucy: one scholarship of $750
Bennett: one scholarship of $900
Soderstrom: one scholarship of $375
Morgan Park: two scholarships of $400
Kreager/Ackerman: one scholarship of $1200
Cannon: one scholarship of $1250
Gustafson: one scholarship of $800
Tessier/Waltman: two scholarships of $500
Gernander: two scholarships of $1000
Matt Kero: one scholarship of $1604
Richard Jukich one scholarship of $700

Payment: The awards are co-payable to the institution and the recipient and will be issued in a payment prior to start of the semester.


Application Forms are available on this web site. A completed application is due to by 11:59 P.M. on January 15. Late applications will not be considered.

Online Application

In addition to the completed application, two recommendations (from a teacher, advisor, counselor or administrator) and a transcript of high school credits are required.

Determination of Awards: The student’s academic record, standardized test scores, participation in extra curricular activities, community service, and/or employment, recommendations, and seriousness of purpose will all be considered. The Greater Denfeld Selection Committee will select individual scholarship recipients.

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